WorkCover, TAC, DVA and EPC Services.

  • North Melbourne Osteopathy is an approved service provider for WorkCover and Transport Accident Commission (TAC) Insurance claims. Cover for these services must be arranged with your insurance company. It is essential that you provide your claim number and contact details at the time of your initial consultation.
  • Please note that a $20.00 gap fee is charged for osteopathic treatment claimed under WorkCover and TAC
  • TAC and WorkCover clients who have an approved claim and have been issued a claim number will have their payment processed at the time of your consultation with an out of pocket expense of $20. (Note people who have no capacity to work due to injuries sustained will not be charged the $20 gap fee)
  • If this is your first claim your employer will have to pay for excess for the reasonable costs of treatment up to a certain amount. This means you will have to pay up front for treatment and then be reimbursed directly from your employer until the excess is reached.
  • If osteopathic treatment is required you will need to:
  • Provide us with the referral from your GP and complete the necessary paperwork and pain scales that we will provide you.
  • Pay for your consultations on the day.
  • Request reimbursement from your employer and/or TAC.
  • Please check the TAC website for current information regarding “Making a claim” or Work Safe website for current information regarding “Making a claim”.


Return To Work Plan:

  • A rehabilitation (or return to work) program is based on the principle that were possible we can allow a coordinated return to work.
  • The program is delivered according to medical advice and where necessary the use of a rehabilitation provider.
  • Rehabilitation aims to do one of two things:
  • maintain the injured employee within the workplace
  • return them to appropriate employment in a timely, safe and cost efficient manner.
  • A return to work plan as part of a rehabilitation program should:
  • be developed in consultation with the injured employee and the treating medical practitioner
  • be tailored, outcome-based and set out the steps to achieve return to work
  • be available to an employee with a work capacity (unless contraindicated, for example where the employee has retired)
  • be developed using appropriate expertise, such as approved rehabilitation providers, where required
  • recognise the existing skills, experience and capabilities of the injured employee to allow suitable duties to be found
  • if necessary, utilise retraining and redeployment when it is not possible for the employee to return to pre-injury duties.



  • DVA will be directly billed to Medicare. There is no out of pocket expense.
  • DVA Gold Card holders—require referral letter from their GP.
  • DVA White Card holders—require a referral letter from their GP and pre-approval from DVA before their consultation.


EPC – Enhanced Primary Care Plan / CDM– Chronic Disease Management Plan

Please note that our Clinic does not Bulk Bill

  • therefore patients eligible to claim under Medicare’s Enhanced Primary Care Plan will have to pay for their treatment in full and then be reimbursed the Medicare Rebate.

Claiming Medicare Rebate:

¨ Take fully paid invoice into Medicare office for reimbursement OR

¨ We can process the claim electronically using our HICAPS terminal (on day of consult)

Rebate using HICAPS terminal.

  • Pay for consultation by Eftpos or Credit card.
  • ¨We swipe your Medicare card and enter details of your EPC referral.
  • ¨We swipe your bank card for reimbursement.
  • ¨Money is reimbursed into your cheque or savings account within 24 hours.



  • Osteopathy is covered by all private health funds we can process your claim electronically using our HICAPS machine (on day of consult)

We cannot reimburse in cash or to a credit card.